Mindscapes - Michelle Heyden, MAAT, LCPC
Affordable Psychotherapist and Art Therapist in Lincoln Square, Chicago

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Art Therapist providing affordable therapy to adolescents, adults, couples, and families from diverse backgrounds.

I provide affordable case consultation services for mental health professionals.

I specialize in helping individuals ages 11 and up to gain insight, learn coping skills, and tap into undiscovered or lost internal resources for the following issues:

Issues Specific to Artists, Musicians, and Others Interested or Working in Creative Fields

Confusion Regarding Self-Identity


Low Self-Esteem

Relationship Issues

School/Workplace Difficulties

Childhood/Trauma Issues

Life Transitions


I help couples and families strengthen their relationships and deal more effectively with the following issues: 

 Poor or Strained Communication

Frequent Agruments
Pre-marital or Pre-commitment Concerns

Difficulty Handling Stress Together


Trust Issues


I provide an individualized and non-judgmental space to explore obstacles hindering clients from personal and creative self-fulfillment. My approach is client-centered, goal-oriented, holistic, and collaborative while drawing on a theoretical background of cognitive-behavioral, relational, psychodynamic, and expressive arts therapies. I utilize interactive discussion and written/expressive exercises tailored to each individual's needs.

I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions that you may have regarding my services.


Mindscapes, Inc
Michelle Heyden, MAAT, LCPC

2334 W. Lawrence Ave, Suite 218, Chicago, IL 60625 
(312) 841-7278 

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